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You will carry the program with settings on removable drive and don't modify settings on host computer.
Tested on Windows XP Pro SP3 and Windows 7 Integrale SP1.
On Vista and 7 turn off User Account Control (UAC) or run launcher as admin.

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14 October 2014

Flash Plugin for Firefox, Opera, Seamonkey....
Download Flash 32-64 bit Plugin (13.3 MB)
(included also Adobe Reader plugin but need installed program)

Extracted once in CommonFiles\Plugins in your PortableApps folder (if test fail run latest browser installer).

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Karsakov78 said...

I installed ChromePortable. But do not get to install the Flash Plugin. How do I do?

Bernat said...

If you install plugin in:
Installer will check if found:

Otherwise Installer with DLL (3.5 MB)

Richard Cranium said...

Flash has been updated to 11.4.402.265.

Any plans on a new release?

Bernat said...

For me, the official froze Firefox and this come from the latest Chrome Dev.

Vinyl Room said...

Flash has been updated to 11.4.402.278 so now waiting for a portable for this version.

Bernat said...

You can test but for me froze Firefox.

Vinyl Room said...


Which version froze your Firefox?

Like I say I am waiting on the 11.4.402.278 portable version, then I just extract and replace the needed driver.

I prefer them from here as anywhere else and the player just doesn't work.

Bernat said...

The test froze Firefox 15.0.1 on Windows 7 SP1 x64 and I have to kill Firefox.exe and plugin-container.exe processes.

In message:
11.4.402.265 dll comes from Chrome
11.4.402.278 dll comes from Flash plugin installer

Vinyl Room said...

"11.4.402.278 dll comes from Flash plugin installer"

That's the reason why I have to install it using the portable being that the plugin installer sandbox doesn't work on my older system, therefore all I do is normally extract the portable version from here, then take out the necessary driver and replace it in the appropriate directory, and when I do this it then reports I have the correct version.

Vinyl Room said...

Will there be an update on here for the latest portable version 11.4.402.278 ?

Bernat said...

Official is yet in post.
Waiting from Chrome for no crash in Firefox on x64.

Vinyl Room said...

I am currently using the portable for 11.4.402.278 on Opera 12.02, seems to be ok, although I received a lagging script notification error once on blogspot, tried it on Firefox 3.6.28 and it's fine there too.

Vinyl Room said...

Just to say thank you for the 11.4.402.278 version of which I have installed as I prefer to use them from here.

Vinyl Room said...

Is it better to just keep using the 11.4.402.278 version when using the Opera 12.02 browser and Firefox 3.6.28 ??

Bernat said...

Test what is better for you.

For me all official 32 bit dll crashes with all Firefox on a 64 bit system.
I have in Plugins:
11.5.500.80 64 bit for 64 bit browsers
11.4.402.265 32 bit for Firefox

11.4.402.265 from Chrome will be the latest: they use now PepperFlash.

Roman Bladzich said...

same here, 11.4.402.278 and 11.5.500.80 crash with FF Portable 15.0.1, the plugin from Chrome works OK.

Just for My Memory said...

Disable the Protected Mode of Flash Player, and everything will be OK.

This is only Flash Player's Protected Mode fault.

Vinyl Room said...

Is this a typo error ? Download Flash 11.4.402.287, should it not be 278 ?

Roman Bladzich said...

alright but how can I disable the Protected Mode if I use portable versions of FF and Flash?

Bernat said...

11.4.402.287 is latest stable build
Update launcher to disable the Protected Mode

Just for My Memory said...

Thanks Bernat.

@Roman Bladzich: You can download the updated version above.
Or the guide to disable Protected Mode is here: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1018071

Bernat said...

I had yet tried but with mms.cfg in Plugins: not worked.
The updated launcher create this file in sysdir\macromed\flash (backup-create-restore-delete)

Vinyl Room said...

Tested 11.4.402.287 latest version on both Firefox 3.6.28 and Opera 12.02 build 1578, and both play flash normally, of course because I have 98 I use the needed driver files and extract them to the appropriate flash folder, and adobe reports I have the latest version for both browsers.

Vinyl Room said...

Flash 11.5.500.90 Beta

Works well on Firefox 3.6.28 & Opera 12.02 b1578

dragonetti said...

Sorry I am a bit confused here.
I have a directory

In the firefox directory there are the following directories:
- App
- Data
- Other

Within the "Data" folder there is an "Plugin" folder.

When I copy the extracted files of
"Flash_Portable_11.5.500.97_32-64_Plugin" into:


And replace the "FirefoxPortable.exe" with the one provided above:

Download Updated Firefox Launcher (0.08 MB)

It seems to work, but is this the correct way to set it up? Because the description states:

"...Extracted once in CommonFiles\Plugins in your PortableApps folder (if test fail run latest browser installer)..."

I do not have a "CommonFiles" directory and I do not have an ".ini" text file (which should be used to configure the "CommonFiles" dir?)

The firefox portable I use is from:

If someone could give some pointers that would be appreciated!

Thank you

Bernat said...

I don't understand why people change default paths.
I don't see interest to use portable_apps in place of PortableApps.

If you have NPSWF32.dll in Firefox_portable\Data\plugins\ it should work for Flash but not for Java and Thunderbird association (you have to remove underscores)

dragonetti said...

Thank you for the feedback,

I changed the paths to keep it more readable for me.
I didn't know that the directory name shouldn't be changed in order for the plug-ins and such to work correctly.

I have a D:\ drive which contains other folders in order to have a faster access to the portable apps I even add an underscore so the folder always displays on top of everything else in windows explorer.

But now I know I have to keep the foldernames as is.

Again, thank you.

Bernat said...

It is not the name (FirefoxPortable) but only the number of characters (15) that is used to know the path of parent folder (D:\PortableApps) and determine the path of subfolders (D:\PortableApps\CommonFiles\Plugins) (D:\PortableApps\CommonFiles\Java) (D:\PortableApps\ThunderbirdPortable).

If you have a PortableApps folder at the root of D: installers shoud select the good path.

Vinyl Room said...

Have gone back to using Adobe Flash Player version 11,4,402,287

The reason for going back was because I noticed while playing youtube videos on the newer version there would be loads of crackling noises, but using the older version plays without any hitches.

Azure said...

Hi Bernat,

Can you reshare latest version of Flash Player Portable copied from Chrome?
Thanks before.

Bernat said...

No more gcswf32.dll in Chrome.
source of installer

Azure said...

Sorry, i mean gcswf32.dll 11.4.402.265.
Do you still have it?

Bernat said...

I have 11.4.402.287 dlls but not shure there are copied from chrome.

Azure said...

Unfortunately you are not sure :(

Hi Bernat,

I have trick to disable "ProtectedMode" (no more Firefox freeze) without editing mms.cfg.
Just follow this little tutorial.

If you very lazy, you can use included patch :D
and you can add those patch to your Flash Plugin Portable Installer.

Tested and work with Flash v11.5.502.146 on Win7 SP1 x86 and Win7 x64.

Azure said...

Update: still work with newest version (11.6.xxx.xxx).

Vinyl Room said...

I normally have just been copying the 2 files required to the folder to make this to work, but for some reason since this latest update it doesn't show up when testing it on the Adobe site, or a test flash site for that matter. So I am back with the version before this update.

Ariya Matin said...

hi and tnx for ur amazin site...
i want too install flash player for my portable iron( i get it from here)
when i install flash in my iron portable folder.. the common folder is add in this folder but flash player isnt work in my iron...

tnx for ur help

Bernat said...

It is higly recommended to store all you portable apps in a PortableApps folder at the root of your drive (flash or hard disk).
Don't change default paths: CommonFiles and ChromePortable folders MUST be in the same folder.

Vinyl Room said...

Since the 11.7 versions I have been unable to use the 2 files required that I usually manually place in the Opera folder. The latest version doesn't show up as being detected, so I am back with the last 11.6 version as before.

Bernat said...

No problem in default folder:

rocker said...

Hi Bernat and other PortableAppz community members

hey Bernat, first i want to say thanks for your efforts to help people and for your website and posting portables

now as to the flash plugin that is posted since version

shockwave flash vers 11.3.300.262

adobe pdf plug-in vers

i have yet to get ANY of these later versions to not stutter when i click to fullscreen in Youtube

so i have to use the version above that WORKS PERFECTLY on my computer

my operating system is WinXP Pro SP3 and works Perfectly

i don't know why these plugins work for you and this community because each time a use a newer plugin, when i go to full screen mode, the sound just stutters and video stutter, mostly the sound

i've tried all advice above, and nothing in regards to that advice works

any other suggestions??

luckily i still have the version above so thanks for posting that version

Bernat said...

No problem for me with latest version watching YouTube videos in full screen.

rocker said...

Hi Bernat,

well after some necessary research stuttering in full screen mode on youtube seems to be related to shockwave flash causing a problem

therefore any version newer than

shockwave flash vers 11.3.300.262

I get stuttering on my computer when using youtube fullscren
(I'm sure I'm not the only one having this issue,
as I just tried the same strategy on a different computer with same OS, and get the same result)

I'm using WinXP Pro SP3 x86

rocker said...

Hi Bernat,

thanks for replying back and letting me know what was happening with your system

after doing some necessary research,
i've discovered full screen stuttering issue using youtube seems to be related to Shockwave flash portable plugin

i use your portable flash plugins exclusively, so thanks for posting those !!

so to confirm:

any version of shockwave flash newer than

shockwave flash vers 11.3.300.262

causes stuttering in sound mostly in youtube

I'm sure i'm not the only person having this issue as i have now tried it on 2 separate computers using this OS

WinXP SP3 all updated x86

i use portables exclusively, so i don't have anything installed on computer except Acronis True Image

like i said worse case scenario i still have the older version of these plugins that work for me without stuttering

rocker said...

Finally, a version that works for me, I'm thrilled !!

thanks Bernat,

it's been a long long time,

but fortunately this version specifically Flash_Portable_11.7.700.224_32-64_Plugin.exe

with shockwave flash vers 11.7.700.224

doesn't cause stuttering issue in full screen

thanks for posting this version !!

ZehHa said...

Your installer does not include the necessary .exe file that the current flash player versions request. Would be nice to have this, too. Thanks a lot for your efforts!

Bernat said...

Plugin for browsers needs only dll.

ZehHa said...

Well, I can confirm that als least for SeaMonkey 2.17.1, this is not correct. Installing only the 11.7.700.224 .dll and trying to load a website with flash content deep freezes the browser, which has to be stopped via task manager afterwards. My former portable flash player plugin installation (11.7.700.202) included some "FlashPlayerPlugin.exe" which should be necessary to load the .dll into some kind of sandbox and has to be included since Adobe changed the plugin design a couple of versions ago, as I was told. Maybe current Firefox already takes care of this, or other users have the necessary .exe pre-installed.

Bernat said...

No problem with SeaMonkey on a clean Windows XP SP3 32 bit.

ZehHa said...

I am on Win7 32 bit here. Could this make a difference?

Bernat said...

No problem too on Windows 7 or 8 64 bit.
Using of course SeaMonkey Portable from this blog with default paths.

Launcher modify or create (temporarily) $SYSDIR\Macromed\Flash\mms.cfg with ProtectedMode=0

ZehHa said...

Maybe that makes the difference. I'm not using your modified SeaMonkey version. If you include an installer that takes care of the preliminary Macromed files, everything may be fine. Standard installer from Mozilla or PortableApps does not provide this.

But never mind, got the necessary files from http://notepad.patheticcockroach.com/2243/flash-11-for-portable-browsers-32-and-64-bits/

Thanks for your efforts!

Neo88 said...

The plugin doesn't work if i extract the files in E:\PortableApps\CommonFiles\Plugins

but it works if the files are in E:\PortableApps\FirefoxPortable\Data\plugins

I am using Firefox 20 locally.

Bernat said...

You must use portable browsers from this blog.

Neo88 said...

What is the difference between your portable Firefox and this from portableapps.com?

Bernat said...

I don't know and don't use.
Only common: I use NSIS to compile launchers and installers.

(Installers extract in a PortableApps folder for compatibility but you can edit the first line of Other\_Include\Installer.nsh)

Vangelis said...

Hello Bernat!

It seems that Mediafire have suspended your account, at least so they say when navigating to:


to DL the plugin... :-{

...and BTW, Adobe have updated the plugin to version 11.8.800.168 (=final/stable).
Thought I let you know...
Thanks in advance!

Bernat said...


Compstuff said...

They fixed the capcha problem they were having

Compstuff said...

My latest stable version wont save gmail passwords... is that normal now... my older version did.

Rendler Dragos said...

I've installed Opera 17 but I can't get to install the flash player ... where do i copy the files from the installer???

Bernat said...

You must have a PortableApps folder at the root of your drive and use default paths of installers.


Dnice808 said...

Bernat, you do not know how long I was beating myself to fix this until I actually read this last post... and finally understood. Thank you! Was killing me because nothing else would work except putting the Common Files folder in the root where iron.exe was and I wanted to run the other .exe...

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