A portable application can be run from a removable drive (USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive, etc) on any Windows computer without installation.
You will carry the program with settings on removable drive and don't modify settings on host computer.
On Vista and above turn off User Account Control (UAC) or run launcher as admin.

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11 October 2017

Powerful text editor without installation.
Download Portable UltraEdit 32-64 bit Multilingual Online (0.3 MB) 15/09/17
Latest don't run on Windows XP: Portable UltraEdit English (9.5 MB)

Multilingual Online (English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, SimpChinese, PortugueseBR, Spanish, TradChinese) download setup and extract files from it but is also setup extractor if found expected *.msi in its folder.

Extract and run UltraEditPortable.
When new computer detected or after main update:
Enter license key: enter any License ID and Password in Activation Windows then click on Activate.
Click Offline Activation. Copy User Code 1 & 2 into CORE KeyGen (Program: UltraEdit v21.30). Then Generate.
Copy Authorization Code 1 & 2 into Offline Activation fields and any License ID and Password.
Then Activate, Exit Keygen and close the text.
Activations are kept for several computers.

Settings created in Data\UltraEdit
You can add wordfiles (syntax highlighting) in Data\WordFiles
If you drag'n drop a file on (or open with) UltraEditPortable: it will be opened in UltraEdit.
For above use, write AllowMultipleInstances=true in UltraEditPortable.ini
Settings of installed UltraEdit should be preserved.

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Bob said...

Pas de User Code (Core Keygen ?


Bernat said...

User Code are generated only with Offline Activation but on some computers the button "Offline Activation" don't appears.

Delete Data\IDMComp\UltraEdit\license folder to retry or reset a trial period.

Bob said...

Merci Bernat pour l'info


Unknown said...

I use the non-portable 14.20.1 on USB but it lose settings when used on other PC.
Still like it.
Maybe someone have the 14.20.1_paf by Bernat? Or a link, or the launcher, or the launcher source(since I already have the app)
I don't like v18&v19(big, verbose and must register on each PC).
If no v14_paf available, maybe the latest of v17,16,15_paf without the new registration type.

Bernat said...

Upload 14.20.1 with registration and I will try to compile a launcher.

Azure said...

UltraEdit 14.20.1
Keygen (not tested)

Bebo said...

Hi Bernat

During installation, this message appears:

"UltraEdit Installation will be run. - Click on Cancel, Yes then finish to abort installation"

And always aborts app installation folder

Thank you for your great work

Bernat said...

Thanks for Uknown: 14.20 added.

Cancel, Yes and Finish buttons are in setup windows and language.

Unknown said...

Any other version between 14 & 20?
15, 16 or 17?
I mean the latest version WITHOUT the stupid RE-activation on change computers?
Other apps have multiple version available.
Perhaps Bernat have old builds he made?
Thank you!

Nieznajomy z autobusu said...

Every time I start UEdit v. 20 I am asked to register it again.
What can I do to skip ot?


Bernat said...

I can't solve a problem I don't have.
You must have when UltraEditPortable is running a file:
and when closed the same file renamed without extension depending of your computer:

xiao qing said...

SimpChinese UltraEdit 21.00 the keygen is has no effect,ENGLISH is ok

Daunt Earl said...

thanks bernat...
but cant drag & drop a file or some files..
im tired must opened and finding directory..

can u give me source code this app..

Bernat said...


Daunt Earl said...

thanks so much.. :D

Wieniek said...

Big thanks bernat...
but i have broblem with my antywirus (delete my exe)

can u giv me source codethis app and UEStudio, or generate app without keygen.

Bernat said...

CORE KeyGen is not a virus.
Disable or change your anti-virus.

Quanto Chemist said...

is it possible to disable run of keygen? It starts every time
I run UltraEdit, even it is already registered.

Bernat said...

Keygen start only when you need to register again:
- new computer
- new version (update from 21.10 to 21.20)

PocketAppZ said...

I get error "UpToBox is not available in your country" Could you provide a mirror?

Bernat said...


Elian Dankiewicz said...

HI dude!
I still using XP for hardware reasons. And eighter i install UltraEdit from your portable versions or from the official setup, i can't open. A mean, official or portable, i can install. The problem is that it doesn't open. It happens nothing. (From version 22 to forward)

In the official page said that licensed users can reply they, for an XP compatible installer.
Is there any way to get that installer (msi)? (spanish installer if possible)

Enviroment: XP SP3 English updated

Bernat said...

I have only this old version: Portable UltraEdit English (9.5 MB)

elf.lovers said...

can't open with file by open with or cmdline line etc, it always start with empty file

Bernat said...

No problem for me with open, integrated explorer, drag'n drop in window or drag'drop on launcher.

jooseng said...

last ver that work on xp (ver 21.30):

ProtectionPlusDLL.dll patcher for ver 22 and 23:

Although the patcher is in Chinese, but there is only one buton to click.
If patch successfully, you will see a backup of the dll.

Azure said...

Hi Bernat, what method did you use to make you know that there's an update of your portable apps?
RSS? or did you often visit Softpedia-like site?

Bernat said...

Smart RSS in Opera for AvahHome, Chrome and Vivaldi.
Visit to Softexia.

Fallen Tweety said...

Hi Bernat,

sry, I dont get that activation process in version 23.20 of UltraEdit.
After the download, I start the "UltraEditPortable.exe". The welcome-screen of ultraedit and the keygen appear.
So far, so good.

Now I click in ultraedit on "enter license ID" and type in an ID and a password of my choice (I use just letter-trash like "khfbgljhtrdhjfg").
But when I click on "Activate", the program just says "sry, no correct information" (or whatever it says in english, I try it in german language ;-) ).
No "Offline-Activation"-button appears anywhere - even when I disconnect my PC from the internet.
When I change to the keygen and enter my 2 codes here and click on "generate", nothing happens (really, there just happens "nothing!", just the music plays...), no authorization codes are displayed or something like an "automated activation" or whatever happens - even ANY reaction of the keygen happens..., it just does nothing - ...except playing the music ;-) .

I tried to activate ultraedit in many ways (first use keygen and then the activation in ultraedit or the other way round, with or without internet connection, I tried several different codes, tried many "clean", new installations of ultraedit and repeated the process, I tried to find a way to make the activation manually by finding and modifying the files, ...), nothing works and I don't see my mistake...
I don't have a folder "UltraEditPortable\Data\IDMComp\UltraEdit\license\", I even don't have a folder "UltraEditPortable\Data\IDMComp". I just have a folder "UltraEditPortable\Data\UltraEdit" and a folder "UltraEditPortable\App\UltraEdit", but no folder "\IDMComp" or "\license" or a file named "license" in any of the subfolders of "UltraEditPortable" (before or after the activation-tries) - and even when I create them manually, it doesn't work.

My question(s):
What do I do wrong?
Or what can I do to activate it anyway?
Any help would be a pleasure.
(My system: Windows 7, 64Bit with SP1, german)

Thanks in advance and best greetings!

(Ur Tweety)

Bernat said...

To have "Offline Activation" UltraEdit must not connect to internet, This is done by launcher UltraEditPortable.exe with hosts but perhaps your system don't allow modification (add 2 lines " licensing.ultraedit.com" and " licensing2.ultraedit.com" in "$SYSDIR\drivers\etc\hosts".

Try to delete Data folder and disconnect from internet.

Bernat said...

"When I change to the keygen and enter my 2 codes here and click on "generate", nothing happens "
Keygen display result even with bad codes but you have to enter the 2 User Codes displayed in Offline Activation screen.

Problem seems to be with securities of your computer blocking also execution of keygen.

Xiao Liu said...

I alreay had activated it, the crak software and txt keep poping out every time. Can you add a option in the ini file to stop that?

Bernat said...

What is the content of :\PortableApps\UltraEditPortable\Data\IDMComp\UltraEdit\license\?

Bob said...

Ne fonctionne pas
Après activation qui fonctionne
Quand on relance le logiciel le crack se ré ouvre et le fichier .txt info aussi.
Pourtant le logiciele st bien activé ?


Bernat said...

What is the content of :\PortableApps\UltraEditPortable\Data\IDMComp\UltraEdit\license\?

Bob said...

Re BJr Bernat
Dans License il y a :



Bernat said...

Ce sont les 4 fichiers à la racine du dossier \UltraEditPortable\Data\IDMComp\UltraEdit\ mais ce dernier doit contenir un dossier license qui contient un seul fichier soit uedit32_v.spl (quand UE est lancé) soit un ficher sans extension de 10 chiffres (quand UE est arrêté).
Si ce dernier n'est pas trouvé au lancement le keygen est lancé et le txt s'affiche.

Bob said...

mais je fais quoi ?
Je t'ai donné les fichiers contenus dans le dossier License
Apparemment ce ne sont pas les bons !


Bernat said...

J'espère que tu ne confonds pas "dans" le dossier et "dessous" le dossier.

Si après avoir effacé le dossier Data tu es toujours enregistré c'est que l'enregistrement est dans ton ordinateur.
Il pourrait se trouver dans
Mais lorsque le portable est lancé IDMComp\ est renommé en IDMComp-BackupByUltraEditPortable\ et tu ne devrais pas être enregisté.

Impossible pour moi de résoudre un problème que je ne peux pas reproduire.

Bob said...

merci je vais regarder ça


Bernat said...

C'est pour essayer de comprendre d'où vient le problème mais le plus simple est de remplacer UltraEditPortable.exe et d'éditer UltraEditPortable.ini avec CheckLicense=false

OK said...

Language:Chinese Traditional
File Name:「ue_chinese_traditional.exe」and「ue_chinese_traditional_64.exe」

Bernat said...

Not listed here but can be downloader.
chinese_traditional added.

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